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Indem wir wiederkehrende Prozesse bei Ihnen analysieren, richten wir Ihr System beispielsweise so ein, dass SmartBusiness automatisch Mahnungen an Kunden im Zahlungsverzug sendet. Der Administrationsaufwand wird deutlich reduziert und Zeit für wichtigere Aufgaben im Unternehmen wird freigestellt.

- Geringerer Verwaltungsaufwand
- Einrichtung durch Experte
- Kein eigener Eingriff notwendig
- Bestimmte Workflows stark vereinfacht

Our offer.

The basic package includes features that are indispensable to SmartBusiness clients, so that the software can be used efficiently.

  • - Delivery Options
  • - Text blocks
  • - Data import
  • - PSR integration
  • - Adapt layout
  • - Payment account
  • - Create user
  • - Short training

Package price
CHF 340.00
Excl. VAT

Your requirements exceed our basic package? We are happy to offer you our additional services.

Electronic Invoice Integration
Printing invoices is of the past. Now you can send invoices directly to the E-finance or online banking of your clients. Practical for both you and your clients.

E-Payment (PSP) Integration
Payment service providing. The PSP connection enables, for example, the accounting of payment receipts through credit cards. An elegant solution with little effort.

Support for Data Imports
Importing data can sometimes be a huge hassle. If you want to spare your nerves and save time, our experts are available to you.